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About Us

Tandem Skydive from a Helicopter

With our expert tandem skydiving instructors, you jump out of a helicopter from 14,000 feet.

Free fall over the world’s most stunning scenery: The Swiss Alps.

Fly within the snow caped mountain peaks and the clean, fresh blue and green lakes of Interlaken or the Valley of Lauterbrunnen. Slow down from a 200km/h descent to a safe, controlled canopy landing.

Have You Dreamed of Being on the Big Screen?

Once you Land on the ground, it’s time to relive your incredible Helicopter Skydive experience on film and view your snap shots! Watch every moment caught on camera over and over and share with all your friends and family.

Your skydive HD Film/Movie will be the most memorable and the best evidence of your skydive over the Swiss alps. The only way to explain your skydive to your friends and family is to have it all in a 5 to 8 minutes film on your own DVD or HD Memory Stick.

Video/Photo Package Prices

  • Photos: CHF 120.00
  • Full HD Edited Video CHF 150
  • Full HD Video & Photos Package: CHF 190.00
  • Raw Clips HD Video& Photos Package Plus Youtube Clip CHF 220.00

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