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Eiger Skydive Grindelwald

Quick Details

Person Adults or Teens 14+ with Parent's Consent

Skydiving at the Eiger North Face

This skydiving adventure at the Eiger takes you past the most famous climbing mountain in the world. Reach the summit of the Eiger North Face before free falling and landing in the Swiss mountain town of Grindelwald.

We take you over the Eiger, viewing climbers and base jumpers at play. With its summit at 12,900 feet, the Eiger is the most extreme skydive in the world.

Eiger North Face is famous for many Hollywood movies and documentaries.

Restrictions: The maximum weight per person is 100 kg (220 lbs).

Skydive Itinerary

  • Helicopter ride: 10-minute ride to 14,000 feet (4,000 meters)
  • Free fall: 40 to 45-second free fall
  • Parachute ride: 5 to 6-minute parachute ride
  • Total duration: 2 hours (but please allow for some extra time)
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